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We are very excited to announce that we are offering Latin ballroom classes here at the studio. This class is for dancers ages 12+. The class is all about learning the various Latin styles, from cha-cha, to meringue & everything in between. Get ready to move those hips and get your feet moving to the salsa beat. 

Attire: Latin ballroom skirt, Latin ballroom shoes, and hair pulled back.




Improv is specifically set up for our dancers that want to move on to the professional level dance. Often at auditions the choreographers will want to see how a dancer moves to different types of music. In this class we will work with the dancers to cultivate their own style. This class is for intermediate and advanced dancers that currently take 4 or more classes a week.​


Attire: form fitting clothing, hair pulled back, foot undeez.   



Tumbling and dance have always been complimentary with each other. Our instructors will be working on flexibility, conditioning, balance & strength. They will work on everything from basic skill sets up to advanced tumbling passes. 



Attire: form fitting clothing, hair pulled back .







Last season we added choreo lab to our schedule and it was wildly successful. In this class the dancers learn the different techniques of creating dances & developing what works for someone individually & then as a group. By the end of the season the dancers in this class will have collectively choreographed a piece from start to finish for our annual recital. They also learn how to cut music, choose costumes & call lighting for their dance. This class is recommended for advanced level dancers, with at least 4 years of training.​​

Attire: form fitting clothing, hair pulled back, barefoot or foot undeez.   



Tap class is a fantastic way for your dancer to learn to count music and explore different rhythms with their feet. We will begin with teaching our younger  dancers  classical tap so that they have a strong foundation.After they have mastered classical, we will begin to work on rhythm tap.

​Attire: form fitting clothing, hair pulled back.

Hip Hop dance has become a part of American culture. From pop & lock to break dancing, it is a true modern art form. Free style & improvisation are part of this dance style & are explored in this class. If you have a dancer at home with lots of energy, this would be a good class for them.


Attire: Comfortable clothing, sneakers.

Jazz class will combine upbeat moves, and ballet technique, typically performed to fast-paced music. We will be teaching all styles of jazz including Broadway, classical jazz and jazz funk. If your dancer is looking for some discipline combined with pop music, this may be the class for them.


Attire: Form fitting clothing, hair pulled back. 



Combo classes are a great introduction for your young dancers to experience two types of dance styles in one 45 minute class. You will be able to choose from ballet/jazz or ballet/tap combos. 



Attire: Pink ballet shoes & black tap shoes for balle/tap combo. Pink ballet shoes & foot undies for ballet/jazz pink tights, leotard and skirt, hair pulled back (whatever they feel pretty in.) 



Hip Hop






 Description of Classes

Class Schedule

Latin Ballroom 

This class is all about putting your self out there personally, physically and mentally. The specific style of the class will change from week to week pushing each dancers technique and style. 


Attire: form fitting clothing, hair pulled back. 



Don't Think Just Feel



Leaps and turns is a great class for any student who is looking to go back to the basics and focus on the essentials of leaping and turning. We really feel that going back to the basic structure and body positioning allows dancers to move forward in all styles of dance. We suggest pairing this class with ballet and jazz.


Attire: form fitting clothing, hair pulled back, foot undeez.



Contemporary has become one of the hottest dance styles in recent years. Contemporary dance borrows from jazz, ballet, funk, social & modern dance styles. Contemporary dance encourages, natural spontaneous movement and personal interpretation.  We recommend pairing contemporary with either jazz or ballet class.


Attire: Form fitting clothing, hair pulled back.



Leaps & Turns


Choreo Lab




Ballet is the foundation of dance.  Ballet class is where dancers will learn technique that will be applied in all other styles of dance. It will  teach the dancer to be graceful, disciplined, and confident.

Attire: Pink ballet shoes, pink tights, black leotard, hair in bun.